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Distance Energy Healing

Updated: May 12, 2021

In another post, I was talking about a great healing energy session I had with Kate; about how happy we both were that pain had been released from her body, and how vibrant and healthy she felt after the session. I’m always thrilled when a session offers such tangible results.

What I didn’t mention was that Kate wasn’t with me during her healing session.

I completed her session in my studio here in upstate New York. Kate, on the other hand, was at her home in Honolulu.

Yup. The Honolulu that’s in Hawaii.

My hands weren’t resting on and above her physical body. But they were working directly with her energy.

I know. I can hear you asking, “What?! Come on!”

Well, not so long ago, there was a part of me that would have agreed with you whole heartedly. I had heard of distance healing, but I thought that it was either total hogwash (I love that word), or something for a select few of incredibly gifted and spiritually advance people.

Saints, perhaps. Or mystics.

I put my beliefs in the latter notion, but worried that there were plenty of imposters out there claiming the ability as well.

Until I traveled to Seattle last fall for a continuing education class on energy healing. Part of the curriculum was Distance Energy Healing. I remember when we arrived at that part of the course I was thinking, “I’ll try it, but this is not something I’ll be incorporating into my practice. I don’t have that kind of gift.”

I’ve been practicing massage therapy and energy healing for almost twenty-five years. That means I’ve put my hands on thousands of bodies, with the (successful) intention of nourishing body, mind, and spirit and promoting good health.

I’ve studied various modalities of massage therapy and energy healing, and have developed many of my own techniques and methods in these arenas.

Over the years, I’ve learned to listen for and trust the guidance of my intuition while caring for my clients, my loved ones, and myself.

But the work has always involved having my client under my hands. That just seems a given, right?

So sitting in Seattle on that sunny Fall afternoon, I was skeptical that I would have any success with the distance healing session. How can we facilitate health in healing in someone who isn’t even in the same room? But I had arranged with my daughter, on the other side of the country, to be my recipient. I asked her to just lie down at the arranged time.

“At least you’ll have a good rest,” I told her.

But when I used the technique to call in her energy I suddenly felt her presence beneath my hands. I remember how the tears rolled down my cheeks during the session. How clear she felt.

I was incredulous.

When I asked her about it later, she said she had felt light and tingly. That she hadn’t slept but that she hadn’t been really awake either. That it had been relaxing, soothing, and pleasant.

This was a revelatory experience for me. While this work was certainly for people of great spiritual gifts, it was also for everybody else too. All we needed was a willingness to be open to it. All we needed was a willingness to heal and facilitate healing. This work was for me.

So when I returned home from the Seattle workshop with a new assortment of tools in my proverbial medicine bag, I was particularly excited to continue with the distance energy healing. I began practicing with fellow classmates in Hawaii and the west coast, then reached across the Atlantic to friends and family in the UK.

What I especially love about the distance healing is how clear and powerful it is. I guess that’s because I’m working with pure energy, unencumbered by the physical body of the human. I intuit more readily and clearly. And the energy moves and flows, and healing begins.

Clients will say, incredulous as I was in the beginning, “I could tell where your hands were!” “Suddenly, my eyes fluttered open, as if I’d been in a deep sleep, thought I don’t think I was actually sleeping. More like dreaming. Then you texted me to tell me the session was over. But my body already knew.” “That was amazing.”

My life’s work has been about having a positive impact on people’s lives: helping people heal and grow emotionally, physically, and spiritually; nourishing body, mind, and spirit. I love seeing the look on a client’s face after a session- a smile and expression of health and peace.

And I love the fact that this distance energy healing enables me to help people not just in my own neighborhood, but anywhere in the world. It’s humbling and thrilling in equal shares.

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