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As an Energy Healing Facilitator and Reiki Master, I have specific techniques to enable me draw-in your energetic field from afar. These sessions are very special and highly effective as I am working with pure energy.  As with Energy Healing sessions where we work in the same physical space, Distance Energy Healing addresses your Subtle Body- the energetic centers and systems of your mental, emotional, and physical structures.  Energy Healing is like massage therapy for your Soul and Spirit.  It moves stagnant energy and helps to balance and clear the energies around your emotions, thoughts, and physical pain, as well as your chakras and auric fields.  It promotes healing at a deeper level.  It’s subtle, gentle work that leaves you soothed, relaxed, and with greater clarity on all levels.

I particularly love the Distance Energy Sessions because as I am working with pure energy unencumbered by character and ego, I tend to receive lots of extra information and insights. It’s a delightful experience for us both.

A distance session involves conversation via phone/FaceTime etc followed by approximately an hour of energy work. Later that day or the following day I will send you a detailed email with my impressions, insights, and experiences of your session. In addition to your personal experience of the session, this email is a valuable tool to refer to- both a summary and a guide. You are also most welcome to call or write with any of your own insights, impressions, or questions.

I work with people across the continent and around the world. Distance is no object…


$150 per session (session duration varies depending on need, rate remains the same)

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