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Massage in the Time of Covid-19

Updated: May 12, 2021

Massage Therapy and Energy Healing support good health. That’s why I love my work. It’s an honor to support your wellness and healthy lifestyle. I, too, am committed to personal wellness and enjoy robust health which has equipped me to do this work for the past twenty-five years. With Covid-19 on the move, I am practicing sanitation and cleansing with diligence and vigilance before, during, and after each session at Stairway Healing Arts Center. As always, I aim to thoroughly support you as we navigate this trying time, and keep us both healthy and safe. I welcome your thoughts and concerns- we will explore them together when you come for your session, or via phone, text, or email before your session if you prefer. I love being part of your healthy lifestyle- thank you. And thank you for taking good care of yourself.

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Amy Anselmo
Amy Anselmo
May 12, 2021


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